White Papers & Case Studies

Whitepaper: National CC/MCC Capture Rate and Case Mix Index Study

A nationwide analysis of hospitals’ case mix index trends and CC/MCC capture rates since the implementation of ICD-10. Since the October 1, 2015 commencement of I-10, both case mix index trends and CC/MCC capture rates nationwide have improved by 2.8% and 0.8% respectively. Years of coding and documentation training to address the tenfold increase in […]

Case Study: Achieve Significant Efficiencies through a Comprehensive Audit Program to Ensure Compliant Coding and Optimal Reimbursement

A large, multi-specialty practice with more than 1,000 physicians and allied health professionals has been able to achieve significant efficiencies by consolidating a number of core administrative activities, particularly billing, reimbursement, and other financial operations.

University of Utah Health: Making the Case for Auditing CDI Queries

The University of Utah has taken a unique approach to CDI. They have determined that standards and auditing are critical components of the CDI process. But how does a facility begin auditing queries? And what constitutes a compliant query?

Renown University: How One Organization Cultivated Their Own Coding Team and Saved 2.27 Million

Like many other organizations, Renown faced significant challenges finding experienced coders. In 2014, they decided to develop their own coding team and started their own coding educational program called Renown University.

Large Healthcare System Enhances Revenue Capture and Reduces Compliance Risk

A large multi-institutional healthcare delivery system wanted to develop a charge capture program that would help all their hospitals ensure appropriate reimbursements. The solutions they considered didn’t cut it—until they found CLAIMSauditor.

Whitepaper: Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® A Novel Approach to Establishing Rational Chargemaster Prices

Today’s environment necessitates that healthcare CFOs and financial managers…

Whitepaper: 5 Pitfalls You Can Avoid In Coding Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, and Interventional Radiology Service

The top five coding pitfalls that constrict vascular and non-vascular IR and nuclear…

Whitepaper: 8 Steps to Reveal Incremental Revenue and Reduce Risk Related to “Lesser-of” and “Stop-Loss” Contract Clauses

Restructuring of the hospital’s chargemaster in this era of transparent pricing often…

Whitepaper: Managing the Chargemaster As The Fuel of the Revenue Engine

Hospital leadership responsible for achieving financial goals that include revenue…

Whitepaper: Combating Denials and DRG Downgrading

Payer strategies are evolving quickly, and healthcare organizations must be alert to make the most of revenue opportunities while mitigating…