A Multi-Institutional Healthcare Delivery System Uses Data and Rules-Based AI to Enhance Revenue Capture and Reduce Compliance Risk

A large multi-institutional healthcare delivery system wanted to develop a charge capture program that would help all their hospitals ensure appropriate reimbursements. The solutions they considered didn’t cut it—until they found CLAIMSauditor®.

Serving two million patients annually, this healthcare system faced many challenges with charge capture work, and they were looking to overcome these challenges despite limited resources and four different electronic health record systems.

In contrast to the other options considered, the CLAIMSauditor system offered flexible editing protocols and versatile reporting. The director of revenue integrity said, “We were really impressed with the pilot. We liked the system, so we moved into full contracting and full rollout for all our sites. We now have CLAIMSauditor installed in all but six of our sites.”

Large multi-institutional healthcare systems face unique challenges. Get all the details on the specific hurdles faced in this case, how they overcame them, and how you can too. Download the full case study today.