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Pricing Strategies. What’s Your Defense?

In today’s era of intense public scrutiny on medical costs, what’s your pricing strategy? Does it pass the test of fairness and accuracy, without sacrificing revenue objectives? In this article, Panacea’s experts share their recommendations on where to start.

Panacea Healthcare Solutions Announces Webinar on Empowering Healthcare Providers through Price Transparency – May 21 at 2pm ET

The webinar will feature an in-depth discussion led by Panacea’s executive leadership team. They will delve into the transformative effects of price transparency in healthcare, a topic they are uniquely qualified to address. As regulations around price transparency solidify into a permanent fixture akin to HIPAA, attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how current clients  are using new tools and technology for effective data analysis and strategic business approaches.

Navigating Private Equity in Healthcare

Tune in to hear Grace Walsh in conversation with Rachel Rose, JD, MBA, to explore the topic of private equity in healthcare and its various pros and cons, and get the details on valuable updates on enforcement actions by the U.S. Department of Justice and Congressional inquiries.

The Importance of Defensible Pricing

In our current healthcare climate, it’s more crucial than ever to maintain defensible and rational healthcare pricing while remaining competitive and optimizing net revenue. As Panacea’s experts can tell you, it’s a tricky balance to strike—but the benefits of a strategic approach to hospital pricing are well worth the effort.