National CC/MCC Capture Rate and Case Mix Index Study

A nationwide analysis of hospitals’ case mix index trends and CC/MCC capture rates since the implementation of ICD-10. 

Since the October 1, 2015 commencement of I-10, both case mix index trends and CC/MCC capture rates nationwide have improved by 2.8% and 0.8%, respectively. Overall, years of coding and documentation training to address the tenfold increase in available codes and the need for improved specificity and documentation under I-10 appear to be paying off.

However, a deep dive into the analytics and trends reveals new areas where coding and documentation training and education may need to shift focus. This study identifies national and geographic trends during the first two years under I-10 and aims to help health systems discover their own performance trends and opportunities for further improvement.

Additionally, from this study health systems can compare their performance to the national benchmarks and determine if, despite overall favorable trends, further opportunity exists to improve training, documentation, and focused audit initiatives.

Hospitals and Health systems can receive a complimentary report of their results from the study.  Click here to request your results.

Written by:

Frederick Stodolak
Executive Vice President,
Brian Prokop
Vice President, Financial Consulting Services,
Sandra Brewton,
Senior Healthcare Consultant