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News: Panacea to Release National Study on CC/MCC Capture Rates and Case-Mix Index Trends at AHIMA 2018 Conference

Panacea will unveil its National CC/MCC Capture Rate and Case Mix Index Trend Study at the 2018 AHIMA annual conference in Miami September 22 through 26.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota—September 18, 2018—Panacea, will release a study it has completed analyzing two years of Medicare data. It summarizes national trends surrounding complications and comorbidities (CC) and major complications and comorbidities (MCC) charge capture rates, and, includes case-mix index changes since the implementation of ICD-10. The study will be released at the 2018 American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) annual conference, being held in Miami September 22 through 26.

The industry study, prepared by Panacea’s financial consultants and clinical coding team, analyzed CC/MCC and case-mix index trend analytics from Oct.1, 2015 through Sept 30, 2017. The findings are published in a white paper showing how the industry is performing nationwide as well as by geography, teaching and non-teaching status and bed size. An accompanying report also provides individual health systems with insight into their two-year CC/MCC Capture rate trends and the percentage of their DRG groups trending downward, allowing them to determine if, despite potentially favorable overall trends, further opportunity exists to improve training, documentation and focused audit initiatives.

“In the world of health information management and healthcare finance we are always searching for indicators that help us identify areas for improvement or opportunities we are missing,” said Fred Stodolak, Executive Vice President of Panacea. “In this study we have taken two years of Medicare claims data and looked at it in a way most other organizations aren’t, revealing another measure health systems can use to direct their training, documentation and audit efforts.”

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