Image of Panacea booth at HCCA Conference

Key Learnings from HCCA 2018 Compliance Institute Conference.

We had a great time at HCCA’s Compliance Institute conference in Las Vegas and enjoyed meeting everyone.  It’s always so exciting to see all of the strategies and methods professionals across the healthcare industry are using to accomplish their diverse goals.

Inundated with Data

With limited staff and training, compliance can be extremely difficult if not outright impossible with the ever-increasing regulations and an ever-growing amount of data to manage. Since a compliance failure can lead to denied claims, managing that data is an absolute necessity to ensure that a company remains revenue positive.

Your staff needs to have effective tools and training to:

  • Define and prepare audit results
  • Validate DRGs
  • Properly document procedures and prescriptions

But even with a robust database, compliance and data management can still be challenging—sometimes requiring multiple full-time positions to ensure your organization is up-to-date and optimized.

Software Is a Must

This inundation of data is why we’re convinced that the industry can’t just rely on simple spreadsheets and ad-hoc audits. Not only are these tools outdated, but they can’t provide the tools the industry really needs—like a way to stay continually up-to-date on the best prices for drugs and third-party procedures, coding compliance, and your team’s ICD-10 performance.

Our CLAIMSauditor® suite ensures you get claims right the first time, saving you the expense of having to refile, reducing your risk of exposure to frivolous lawsuits, and establishing baselines to help improve your staff’s performance.

Audits Are Inescapable

Our final takeaway from this year’s event is that every organization must be prepared for the eventuality of audits. According to Becker’s Hospital, Medicare audits have increased by 936% in the last few years, and audits can tie up precious resources and personnel for extensive periods of time. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that your team is equipped to properly document procedures, prescriptions, and diagnoses so that when an audit does happen, it’s a cursory thing rather than something that grinds your organization to a halt.

If you’re looking to establish a proactive audit strategy to ensure you’re prepared, our experts can help. Our experienced team works closely with you to ensure we find the right methodology for your organization, and we’ve developed a wide array of proprietary tools to help meet your auditing and compliance goals.

All in all, HCCA’s Compliance Institute 2018 was a great conference. We met a lot of inspiring healthcare and compliance professionals, and we’ve walked away inspired and reinvigorated to look for innovative solutions to healthcare compliance problems. We look forward to helping you solve your compliance issues.