Webinar: How to Streamline Compliant and Accurate Good Faith Estimates Under the No Surprises Act

The American Hospital Association in a recent comment letter to CMS stated, “…the new [Good Faith Estimate] timeline and format requirements will necessitate workflow and operational changes, even for the most sophisticated hospitals. The strain on the workforce is concerning, with estimates regularly taking 10-15 minutes to produce and adding up to about 1,500 estimates per day across a typical health system.”

Join Panacea for a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, April 13th at 1PM ET, to learn how to deliver compliant and accurate itemized expected charges for schedulable services under the No Surprises Act requirements by incorporating both itemized hospital and physician expected charges using Panacea’s sophisticated technology solution.

Attend to find out…

  • How the No Surprises Act requirements are impacting providers, hospitals, and health systems
  • Examples of compliant versus non-compliant Good Faith Estimates
  • Strategies to increase the accuracy and automation of a Good Faith Estimate to streamline the process, reduce the strain on your workforce and decrease the chances of patient disputes and lost revenue
  • Ways to enhance your current price estimation system to include Good Faith Estimates for both self-pay / uninsured and out-of-network patients
  • How Panacea’s full-service cloud-based patient estimation system can be used to create, search, save, and print / email Good Faith Estimates or consent forms on demand

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Registration is limited to attendees from hospitals and other providers at this time.


Presented by
Govind Goyal
Executive Vice President of Finance and Revenue Integrity Services
Panacea Healthcare Solutions