The Importance of Defensible Pricing

In our current healthcare climate, it’s more crucial than ever to maintain defensible and rational healthcare pricing while remaining competitive and optimizing net revenue. As Panacea’s experts can tell you, it’s a tricky balance to strike—but the benefits of a strategic approach to hospital pricing are well worth the effort.

2024 E/M Updates: What You Need to Know

In this episode of 1st Talk Compliance, Grace Walsh is joined by Becky Jacobsen, Vice President of CDM, Coding & Audit Services at Panacea Healthcare Solutions, to explore the key updates to evaluation and management (E/M) guidelines for 2024.

Mastering Defensible Pricing in the Era of Price Transparency with Kevin Chmura

In this episode of 1st Talk Compliance, we are joined by Kevin Chmura, CEO at Panacea Healthcare Solutions, as we dive into an increasingly crucial topic in healthcare: price transparency and its ever-growing impact on the industry.

Evolution of Price Transparency and How to Stay Ahead of CMS Requirements

1st Talk Compliance features guest Govi Goyal, President, Financial Services, at Panacea Healthcare Solutions, to discuss how the new CMS Price Transparency Rule and No Surprises Act are closely related. By providing Good Faith Estimates for healthcare services, hospitals can comply with both regulations.