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No Surprises Act: Demystifying Good Faith Estimates

The No Surprises Act provisions require that uninsured/self-pay good faith estimates include the primary service and an associated list of line item “expected charges.” Join Panacea’s finance experts as they cover best practices for identifying and listing all expected charges for each item and service furnished during an encounter, as well as best approaches for constructing an all-inclusive uninsured/self-pay good faith estimate, in this complimentary on-demand webinar.

Evaluation and Management 2023 Updates: What You Need to Know

Changes to 2023 E/M coding will impact CDM files, coding, documentation, charge capture processes, and various information systems. This article outlines new revisions to E/M codes for 2023 and addresses several questions we believe professionals will encounter when they learn of the changes.

How to Rationalize Chargemaster Prices

Have you ever wondered how hospital prices became so irrational? As is often the case, things changed incrementally. Hospitals and healthcare systems have experienced years of inadequate inflationary update factors, often reduced by factors such as presumed over-coding under the federal inpatient and outpatient prospective payment systems.

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Is Your Staff Struggling with How to Bill Lab Services? 4 Steps to Better Results

If your organization is struggling with coding laboratory services consistently and accurately, here are the four steps you need to take.

Webinar: The Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Workshop 2022

We’re excited to announce that, with First Healthcare Compliance joining Panacea, Insights subscribers now have even more access to a wide variety of educational content for healthcare professionals. We invite you to take advantage of a 50% discount, available to Insights subscribers, when you register for the Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Workshop 2022 coming up November 3, 2022.

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How to Comply With (and Exceed) the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule Requirements

CMS penalties have dramatically increased in 2022, and providers must take heed before CMS and a legislative gauntlet arrive at their front door.

Panacea Healthcare Solutions, a Leading Healthcare Mid-Revenue Cycle Technology and Services Company, Receives Growth Investment from Firmament

ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, August 24, 2022 —Panacea Healthcare Solutions announced today that it has received growth capital from Firmament, a leading provider of structured equity capital solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Firmament’s investment will fuel innovation and expand Panacea’s product suite through the acquisition of Holliday & Associates and First Healthcare Compliance. The combined company will be a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle and compliance software and services to over 600 hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and accountable care organizations across the United States.

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Whitepaper: Hospital Zero-Base Pricing®: A Novel Approach to Establishing Rational Chargemaster Prices

Today’s environment necessitates that healthcare CFOs and financial managers can explain, document, and defend the rationale behind their CDM prices. This whitepaper discusses why financial managers who previously had optimized their chargemaster prices or inherited irrational chargemasters should consider a hospital zero-base pricing initiative.

Webinar: Data Mine Your Claims: How to stay ahead of payer audits by data mining your claims to identify risk and proactively fix issues

Join us on Thursday, August 11 at 10am PT | 1pm ET to find out how you can leverage data mining to proactively uncover compliance risks and revenue opportunities to identify areas of improvement in coding and documentation.

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Panacea to Showcase Auditing Technology at the Annual HCCA Conference

Attendees at Health Care Compliance Association’s 26th Annual Conference can visit Panacea’s virtual booth for the latest compliance resources.