Transcatheter Valvular Procedure Code Set Updates

New Technologies and the Codes You Should Capture

Over the last decade, one of the most exciting areas of development in healthcare has been the growth of structural heart and interventional cardiology programs—specifically, the advancement of transcatheter valvular procedure techniques.

There has been significant scientific advancement in these techniques since the transcatheter valvular procedure code set was initially developed, including the establishment of clinical trials testing new treatment methods and devices. The complex nature of these treatment programs and the rapid advancements in treatments and technology have led to the development of some very complicated coding rules and coverage requirements from CMS and other payers.

As the ability to treat a larger population using these novel techniques expands, so must our understanding of the nuances involved in navigating the current rules and regulations from both the clinical and revenue cycle perspectives.

In case you missed our webinar on the subject, you can review the material covered during the live session by referencing an eBook of the presentation content. Read through for an overview of the following topics:

  • How transcatheter techniques are reshaping treatment options
  • Cardiac anatomy
  • Transcatheter valve procedures and clinical trials/data registry requirements
  • Successful clinical trial information capture
  • Sample claims
  • CPT code set
  • Key resources