No Surprises Act: Demystifying Good Faith Estimates

Complimentary Webinar

Good faith estimates from the No Surprises Act went into effect in January of 2022. In the complimentary webinar “No Surprises Act: Demystifying Good Faith Estimates,” Panacea’s finance experts explain the requirements in detail.

The No Surprises Act provisions require that uninsured/self-pay good faith estimates include the primary service and an associated list of line item “expected charges.” This session covers best practices for identifying and listing all expected charges for each item and service furnished during an encounter, as well as best approaches for constructing an all-inclusive uninsured/self-pay good faith estimate.

Viewers will learn how to:
  • Develop a good faith estimate that encompasses an all-inclusive itemized list of charges

  • Compare compliant and non-compliant good faith estimates

  • Explore common pitfalls and trapdoors in building good faith estimates to prevent unnecessary challenges for your team and organization

  • Identify hidden revenue and other strategic opportunities in your journey to comply with the No Surprises Act provisions

Govind Goyal
Executive Vice President, Financial and Revenue Integrity Services

Govi leads a team of financial and revenue integrity consultants to strategically partner with hospitals, health systems and other providers.  By serving as a trusted advisor to his clients, Govi grows their financial and revenue integrity performance through deep industry expertise and compliance with CMS Price Transparency requirements and other coding guidelines.  He has held several leadership roles within the high-tech and big 4 consulting space and served on the provider side working for large academic and not-for-profit community-based healthcare systems.