As payer reimbursement dollars continue to shrink across the board, hospitals and physician practices need to ensure they are compliantly and completely describing, coding, charging, and billing for all services rendered. Make sure you’re maximizing your revenue by avoiding the top 5 coding pitfalls in the complex clinical areas of nuclear medicine and radiology services.

In this 60-minute, on-demand webinar, Jeff Majchrzak, VP of Clinical Consulting and Radiology Services at Panacea, and Laurie McBrierty, VP of Product Management at Panacea and Career Step, discuss not just what providers “can’t do” based on the move to bundled/packaged codes and services, but also what they still are allowed to do under the current coding system.

They will also help you learn to recognize and overcome the 5 most common pitfalls so you can return optimal reimbursement.

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