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Panacea Announces Live Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Workshop to Be Held October 3, 2019

ST. PAUL, Minn.—August 27, 2019—Panacea, a Career Step company and leading provider of mid-revenue cycle management, innovative software and enterprise-level educational solutions, is proud to announce a one-day event, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Workshop: Unraveling the Coding and Documentation Quagmire, that will feature Panacea’s expert team with actionable information on correct and compliant code assignment for radiological procedures.

The workshop will feature Mr. Majchrzak as well as Donna Richmond and Cathy Huyghe who are both Panacea senior healthcare consultants with extensive experience in radiology and interventional radiology coding. They will each offer insights applicable for anyone working on the coding and billing of diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures, which may include technologists; health information management staff; compliance, billing, revenue cycle, and chargemaster team members as well as the physicians generating the actual dictated reports to validate the charges submitted.

“Radiology coding and documentation is particularly complex and complicated, and we see practices and health systems nationwide struggle with it when we conduct audits and education,” said Jeff Majchrzak, Panacea Vice President of Radiology and Cardiology Consulting Services and scheduled workshop speaker. “During this workshop, we will focus on providing best practices, addressing hot-button issues and offering insight into emerging trends in diagnostic and interventional radiology coding and documentation to help those focused on both technical and professional coding and billing.”

Workshop attendees will gain valuable insights on correct and compliant code assignment for interventional radiology and non-invasive radiology procedures by reviewing real-life dictated report examples to illustrate the coding and billing dos and don’ts. There will also be time for live Q&A with the Panacea team of experts.

This one-day live workshop is being sponsored by Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

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